Strengths-Based Group Coaching for Dyspraxics: Introductory Workshop. Tuesday 19th April 7:30-9:30pm online

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Strengths-Based Group Coaching for Dyspraxics: Introductory Workshop. Tuesday 19th April 7:30-9:30pm online

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Hi I am a Professional Solution-Focused Coach Practitioner, Dip/PhD and I am running this fantastic online Strengths-Based Group Coaching introductory workshop, taking place Tuesday 19th April 7:30-9:30pm UK time for only £10-£12 sliding scale donations per person pay what you can afford!

Here there will be a particular emphasis on identifying, understandings and applying your strengths/resources/talents to manage a range of dyspraxic related challenges from interpersonal, organisation and self-care & more to improve your future by discussion and personal role play exercises using creative character work for additonal insights.

This particular workshop as introduction can help you reduce overthinking, expand your comfort zone, gain new perspectives, increase happiness, understand yourself, address internal dialogues holistically that may hold you back from planning and organising yourself effectively, using creative dialogues with yourself and using your strengths to manage challenges at deeper levels than discussion. Please be advised that during this workshop 1-2 attendees will be invited to explore a challenge with the group using these methods spontaneously to improve your wellbeing, and I hope to run these as regular workshops both online and in person looking ahead, in a supportive manner.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If you would like to attend please register your interest my contacting me on or 07787722330 and it would be great to see you, as I will require a 20min informal discussion for new and prospective coachees, due to the specialist nature of this workshop exploring isssue at a deep level. Many thanks for the understanding. Chris Colebrook (Solution-Focused Coach Practitioner, Dip/PhD & Dyspraxic and Faciliator Dyspraxic Creative Coaching).

P.S: Note that this is an introductory workshop and hope to run these workshops on a regular basis both online and (for those local to Glasgow) in person subject to numbers. Please check my website on for further information about me and my coaching services
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