Where do I go?

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Where do I go?

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I have had a screening for dyslexia, which shows mind to moderate, and now have had a quick screening g for dyspraxia.

The 24 questions, 33 of them were a yes. My GO said they don't know how to reference an adult as the have never come across this before.

I have spent years going to neurology to be told I have functional neurological disorder, which I don't feel is right. I had a fractured skull at 5 months old, but I keep getting fobbed off. Originally I was told I had MS, but6 years later I was told no. I am a mess.

What do I do? It's driving me mad as I am easily donfused over everything
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Re: Where do I go?

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Hi and welcome

Dyslexia and Dyspraxia often occur together and it is possible your skull fracture is/was incidental. However, that's really a question only your GP and/or Neurologist can try to answer.

Dyspraxia is a specific learning difficulty so identification/assessment is just as often carried out by professionals in the educational sphere. There is of course, some necessary clinical input to ensure that any difficulties are not the result of another more serious or sinister cause.

When an adult turns up in their consulting room, GPs very rarely, if ever, have a diagnostic pathway for Dyspraxia so they try to do their best with the referral options that they might have. Regrettably, we can only surmise that the NHS system either finds no match, or a consultant's medical secretary might review a referral for Dyspraxia from a GP and decline it. Even if you do manage to get an assessment confirming dyspraxia, finding specific support is still very difficult.

That said, you cannot understate the value of confirmation as this is so important for us to be able to understand and accept that we're not lazy or stupid and it's NOT our fault. Society and life are easier to navigate for the Neurotypical.

I'd not come across Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) before. It seems to be a distinct diagnosis itself I note FNDAction's explanation for What is FND is very similar to some explanations put forward to try to explain Dyspraxia.

"Functional Neurological Disorder is a diagnosis given when there is a problem with how the brain/nervous system is 'functioning'. Whilst the basic wiring is intact, there is a problem with how the signals/messages are being sent and received to allow the body to function in the normal way."

The Dyspraxia Foundation's website says:

"What causes Dyspraxia?
For the majority of those with the condition, there is no known cause. Current research suggests that it is due to an immaturity of neurone development in the brain rather than to brain damage. People with dyspraxia have no clinical neurological abnormality to explain their condition."

Dyspraxia too, is still poorly understood and supported. However, I'm sure the information and stories in these forum pages will make for interesting reading and will hopefully also provide useful info and ideas for strategies that may prove helpful for you

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