Adult diagnosis help.

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Adult diagnosis help.

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I have recently found out that I am Neurodiverse and fairly sure I am Dyspraxic. I have had this hunch for years but never got tested or spoken to anyone about it. Since lockdown i've been struggling really badly to the point i'm thinking of leaving my job, i'm just completely burnt out. It's been playing on my mind alot to get a 'proper' diagnosis, however i am very hesitant. I am already struggling with coping the way that i am and how i deal with things, my mental health is suffering, would a diagnosis help or just send me down further? I suppose i'd like to know if anyone here was diagnosed as an adult and how it affected them? I'm 25.
I was born very early and had every 'symptom' you could list, but a diagnosis was never asked for.

sorry if i'm rambling, i just don't know where to start.
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Re: Adult diagnosis help.

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Hi there Pooka95

Dyspraxia does seem to be prevalent in folk who had difficult or premature births. I would start by speaking to your GP. Tell him/her about the difficulties you're experiencing and how they're impacting/affecting your day to day life.

Knowing for certain in theory will enable you to start to process the information A formal diagnosis in theory will make it easier to compel your employer to offer reasonable adjustments. Getting formal diagnosis on the NHS as an adult is regrettably very much a lottery. It might pay to look at Access to Work since it is recognised that many with Dyspraxia have not got a formal diagnosis so this is not a formal requirement for receiving their help ... =13&t=7385

Please let us know how you get on or if we can advise further.

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