I am officialy diagnosed as having hfasd is it? Lol My GP Retired Also Suspects Dyspraxia Diagnosis A Long Shot?

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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I am officialy diagnosed as having hfasd is it? Lol My GP Retired Also Suspects Dyspraxia Diagnosis A Long Shot?

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I am now 37 coming 38, I am officially diagnosed and absolutely rightfully so as having multiple traits of autism spectrum disorder it states on the official paper assessments, I agree yes multiple traits for definate autistic traits, I am labelled by the state as incapable for work, which is actually the safest option, as I forget things very quickly some autistic people do, but aside the official diagnosis by my gp recommending not on other people asking that I told I suspect not sure but he did say yes chris I have noticed how you do not keep eye contact and multiple other traits that is ironic as the district physchiatric nurse for the borough or county borough maybe the eg. west mdlands he referred me unbiasly to her same she said chris shows multiple not just one or two but multiple clear traits of autistic spectrum disorder unknown, and pre that official assessment, embarrassingly mum's mate told my mum I have a test booklet for preschool kids to fill out, give it chris see how he does, I will make an impartial none bias judgement and I failed the primary kids autism questionaire spectacularly she said prior to my formal assessments that chris does appear to show multiple not a couple but multiple traits of autism spectrum disorder, any way the social said right your on esa some people think oooohhh esa disability they get loads, no lol no it's more like the ultimate lowest possible make you like l your homeless on jsa level pay disability it's merely only £80 and less than that above job seekers allowance when you can never work and they even try kicking you off that every 2-3 years I have to laugh every time they do mine they think reassessing a mentally disabled person with autism and suspect dyspraxia will ever change it's forever not just for christmas mate it's forever and it's incurable and they still try to do this capability for work assessment with verified autistic people to me it feels litterally offensive and tout amount to contradicting trained specialist psychiatrists when you a no mark physio?
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Re: I am officialy diagnosed as having hfasd is it? Lol My GP Retired Also Suspects Dyspraxia Diagnosis A Long Shot?

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Hi Chris and welsome

Some of the ASD traits are also shared by folk with dyspraxia. It seems that in many cases if you already have an ASD diagnosis, professionals are unwilling to give you a Dyspraxia one. This is possibly because doing so may be taken as calling into question or disputing a fellow medical professional's previous opinion. Regrettably, there is just as much ignorance and lack of the right assistance for folk living with dyspraxia. So often many annoyingly respond oh you must mean dyslexia!

I'd even stick my neck out and say a test booklet designed for preschool children is never going to be an appropriate test or give an accurate indication if used on an adult. Does the fact you failed, mean you do not have ASD? Or that you're not high functioning?

The people who carry out assessments to determine eligibility for ESA or PIP for/on behalf of DWP are looking (probably they're paid) to try to reduce the number of people the Government have to support. Sadly many vulnerable folk are failed; you could equally say cheated out of the support they need and forced to undergo reassessment periodically in case their condition has magically got better.

You/your mother should probably have sought a mandatory reconsideration of your claim for PIP and if that failed taken it to a Tribunal for a judge to determine.

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