Running a marathon

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Running a marathon

Post by lovattm0 »

Has anyone else here ran a marathon?

I've always had issues with running. When I was at school my legs used to flap out. My posture was all wrong and obviously had balance issues. I was so slow and used to hit people with my legs because they bended out so far.

Obviously I was always picked last at gym class. I couldn't swim properly. Play badminton or basketball was a nightmare.

Anyway when I got older about 21 I realised I was "skinny fat". Basically I was really unfit for a boy who was slim. I then met a guy in the pub who ran a boxercise class. This was life-changing for me. It got all my coordination better. After 8 years of that I found that every year my coordination got better. My legs started to run straighter. The boxercise class guy was alot older and retired. End of bocercise.

That's when I started running. My mate had gave up smoking and wanted to run a marathon. I really enjoy it. However my right foot is flat footed and left kinda ok. (I run funny)

After a year I ran a half marathon. The year after I finally ran a full marathon with him. It was weird because the finishing line was opposite the hospital that I got physio therapy when I was a kid. Hardest thing I've ever done but I did it.

What I want to say is anything is possible. We'll never be the fastest or fitest people in the world. However No one and I mean No one tries harder than us.

Just never give up ever........
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Re: Running a marathon

Post by Lucy »

Wow, thanks for sharing this - and well done you! Really inspiring to hear what you've accomplished with perseverance. I am just starting to look at trying to get fit again and it is daunting so this was great timing for me!
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Re: Running a marathon

Post by Tom fod »

I must admit I have a fear of/aversion to running (bad memories of PE and X country but I have completed two 26ml walks in aid of Macmillan and since I don't drive I walk to get shopping etc

With a foot full of bullets I tried to run faster but I just hobbled on to the next disaster.
(from Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Foot Full of Bullets)
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Re: Running a marathon

Post by Henry »

Essentially i was extremely unfit for a kid who was thin, i at that point met a person in the bar who ran a exerciser class, this was groundbreaking for me. it improved
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Re: Running a marathon

Post by Ben A »

I hated sports at school for the above reasons, and so purposely avoided it for years. My running gait is terrible. I do run noticeably different, arm's etc, and despite being 6' 7 my stride is so small its unreal, and have had many people tell me I need a gait analysis etc, but they don't know about the dyspraxia. I haven't let it stop me though. My Uncle took me out for a bike ride 6 years ago, and I was terribly out of shape, since then I have done triathlons, sportives, half marathons etc and even an Ironman in 2016, and have really found a love of sport I never would have thought existed. Anything is possible if you are determined enough. Yes we may not look 'normal' when we run, but people still cheer you on the same! :)
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