I am struggling with my DCD advice please?

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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I am struggling with my DCD advice please?

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Hi everyone, I am going to list a few symptoms that have been occurring on and off the last few weeks. Even though these have been on and off for years particularly worse since last October as I've mentioned before.

Recently I have been experiencing a lot of past traumas, flooding back into my mind, although I can get on with my life it obviously still bothers me and that's why I've started to get more assertive and adement. Sorry for the spelling errors. I can spell and I do not have a dyslexia, although people have tried to say I have and then later have said "no you were not showing signs of dyslexia" Then we have talked about it on a recent course I did and they said yeah it does seem like you have DCD.

I was six weeks early, born by cesarean obviously. I also have brain injury deep in the brain, brain lesions.

1. I'm struggling with my arms and legs swinging and flapping more than usual.
2. I am getting ratty and stressed more easily and demanding going "I want, and then justifying myself everytime someone is wrong. I do admit when I'm wrong so it's not arrogance.
3. I am hyperactive, although currently I'm having problems with my focal epilepsy and anxiety. The seizures such as the anxiety followed by deja vu have gone for now.

3. I am getting more messy and forgetful. Being tidy stresses me and I want my things left alone and certain people I live with to stop looking through my room. I get mardy when this happens and it comes across like I'm having a go even when I'm not. This upsets me further
4. I am constantly knocking into things and getting bruises and scratches.

I may edit this later any advice from others?

Thanks, Lizzie
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Re: I am struggling with my DCD advice please?

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Are you able to speak to someone. I really believe counselling would belp you work through these difficulties. Please don't feel guilty about you feel. You are not unnecessarily being mardy.if people or situations are making you feel uncomcortable.

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