DORE PROGRAMME - thinking again

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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DORE PROGRAMME - thinking again

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In a Facebook Group a parent posted about their interest in the programme - I recalled some vague criticism for the past but could not exactly remember the precise details or location of those details then and began searching the internet and posting information into the discussion which did not please the opening poster.

By the time I returned the discussion had been shut down and in view of my vague remarks I was understandably criticised.

I later found a better referenced piece from which an extract is here posted.


Some years on do you, dear reader, have personal experience or knowledge of other research, please?

A link to the whole of the article from which that extract is taken is here - I hope: -

AND a link to the Facebook discussion mentioned where there are different articles linked, is here (premiership required) ... 811465062/
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Re: DORE PROGRAMME - thinking again

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I think she had a lot of hope invested in it for her son so was quite understandably a bit miffed when we all pretty much unanimously informed her that DORE was considered by most, to be at best, a waste of money.

I did find this: ... ramme.html

I did feel it was irresponsible for the group administrators not to strongly caveat that posting along the lines The efficacy of the DORE programme was and is strongly disputed. Please take care to conduct careful and detailed research before committing any money to persons or organisations offering services they claim can help treat or lessen the effects of dyspraxia or other conditions.

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