If a formal diagnosis cannot be made...

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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If a formal diagnosis cannot be made...

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Hi everyone, I am still in the process of getting a formal diagnosis for dsypraxia. I now understand how difficult it can be to get an overall assessment, meaning covering all aspects/ characteristics of the disorder.

I recently downloaded the dsypraxia book, a lot of it really hits home and makes me understand why I've behaved the way I have most of my life. It has made me understand why people have got fed up of me,why people thought/think I'm thicker than I actually am. I used to blame my my hypocondraplasia for people not liking me (although people have been creul and not wanted to be around me because of it, other than to take the mick) I was never very witty to respond to insults without losing my temper or just "not getting it" I had difficulty with people getting me into trouble with teachers and not being able to stick up for myself in a rational manner.

So I have come to the conclusion I have to work around the physical,mental and emotional difficulties I have in order to help myself. This includes seeing each professional separately for each area e.g mental health, physical issues.

Do you think this is the best way to tackle my own personal issues with dyspraxia?
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Re: If a formal diagnosis cannot be made...

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Sorry for late reply.I agree it is best to look for help and therapy for the related difficulties rather than to try to seek specific assistance for dyspraxia.

It's hard not to constantly here cruel taunts and they tend to weigh on the mind and erode our self esteem. It's a shame some people are so spiteful and I guess you to have to try to pity the fact that being nice is infinitely more rewarding.

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