My short Dyspraxia story/ how I came to do research and look into

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My short Dyspraxia story/ how I came to do research and look into

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Hi everyone, it was suggested I had a Dyspraxia when I was around 14 years of age. I don’t mean it was suggested that I was at age 14, it was more of a suggestion of when I was younger. This was after the psychiatrist I saw at the time asked about breaking things. At the time she was asking I said “well when I was a little bit younger and now I’ve accidentally smashed CD cases on the floor in my room”. She suggested if I can remember correctly “Sounds like a childhood Dyspraxia”.

I saw her for another reason, school stress etc. In the end no formal diagnosis was or has been made. I would like to say that a few years ago I came across the dyspraxia foundation website during a brief period of stress. As soon as I saw the word “Dyspraxia ” I thought to myself “is that what I was told I possibly had?”

So I continued to read and it really made me think about memories and things I do on a day to day basis and/or often. I was having a mental health “blip” at the time of research.

I came across the site again a few months back having forgotten all about it for all that time. It was something I hadn’t been thinking about as I haven’t had a diagnosis and forgot all about the symptoms/possible symptoms of the condition. I did research and the main reason I found this forum to chat about my own experiences is because of watching videos and hearing so many things I forgot I had or didn’t know it was part of Dyspraxia. So many things people were saying in their personal stories I could link back to my own personal situations. I was amazed at this and that so many others were mentioning things I’ve lived with for a long time but never considered as anything that was different to most non dyspraxic people.

This is just a quick story for my me to look back on and add more to when I have the time.
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