PIP Money

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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PIP Money

Post by cricketman123 »

My PIP money is going to stop. It means Im going to be without nothing. Do they not care. They just leave me with nothing and Don't even give me a job :(
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Re: PIP Money

Post by Tom fod »

Firstly have you sought advice about/ are you planning on appealing this decision? The default response maybe no but you do have a right to lodge an appeal to challenge the decision.

You are at least entitled to some financial assistance to help you support yourself with the cost of living whilst looking for work. Have you received any assistance/advice on job hunting. I appreciate that there will be additional challenges living in a rural location with limited public transport options.

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Re: PIP Money

Post by Qasdee »

Hi cricketman123.
Wondering how everthing went. I hope things improved...

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