Dsypraxic or Hopeless

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Dsypraxic or Hopeless

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I'm not sure where to begin. I'm at my wits end trying to reason why I am the way I am. I'm a 29 year old occupational therapy student, currently on placement in a neurology rehab unit, and I'm failing because I'm considered incompetent in relation to working with patients with physical dysfunction. For many years now, I have attempted to ascertain the route of my difficulties, and dyspraxia has been mentioned on many occasions by friends in educations and professional alike. However, I have had consultations with 2 separate neurologists, both of whom could not provide me with a diagnosis or any explanation for my difficulties, since I didn't demonstrate a significant impairment on their standardised tests. In the most recent consultation, the doctor suggested that depression was the route of my cognitive issues, although I wouldn't consider myself depressed, and stated that I was merely clumsy and should learn to deal.

For as long as I could remember my life has been impacted by various difficulties.

- I have beautiful handwriting, but I am impossibly slow and my hand tires easily, which has impacted my ability to perform in exams and now when documenting my work on placement. I am told that the content of my work is 'spot on', but that my pace is causing time management issues.
- My spatial awareness is poor, and I am constantly walking into door frames or knocking things off worktops as I pass. I also struggle with driving and walking in crowded areas, as I tend to veer off without realising, which results in me walking into people or driving dangerously close to the curb or parked cars. At present, I am struggling with hoisting patients in confined spaces.
- My balance isn't great, and I cannot stand for long periods of time, and when I do, I constantly shift my weight from side to side, and sometimes lose balance. I have never been able to master riding a bike or skating despite my best efforts.
- I'm prone to dropping things.
- I've avoided sport for entire life as I struggle mimic or sequence the required actions or I lose my footing and fall over. Aerobics classes are my idea of hell, and 'friends' frequently remind me of how embarrassing and awkward I was when previously attending classes.
- I struggle with distinguishing left from right, which is proving particularly difficult on this placement as I have to be able to instruct patients on which direction to move. It also caused significant issue when learning to drive, since I would signal or drive the wrong way.
- I am overly sensitive to light and noise, and often struggle to concentrate in busy environments.
- I struggle with fine motor movements such as tying laces, and didn't learn at all until I was 11!
- Pronouncing certain words is difficult and I am not always aware of the pitch of my voice, and as such, tend to get hushed a lot.
- My short term memory is appalling. I suck at following instructions, because I've forgotten step 2 & 3 after finishing step 1 (particularly if it includes numbers!).
- I take forever doing anything. I give myself over an hour in the morning to wash and dress, and even though I prepare everything the night before, I sometimes still run out of time. I don't even wear make up or shower in the morning. It defies reason!

The combination of these factors, causes me a lot of frustration and embarrassment, but I have become accustom to laughing at myself and being self-deprecating. Sadly, now I am training as a professional, it is proving very problematic!

Any advice or thoughts would be most appreciated. Seeking help through the NHS seems fruitless, and unfortunately, private assessment isn't an option at present. I'm starting to wonder if I am bit hopeless, and should just accept said fact!
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Re: Dsypraxic or Hopeless

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Hi and welcome.

You are certainly not hopeless though I do appreciate why you no doubt feel that this is the case. It is not and the difficulty is in finding your niche and an employer able to put tyour talents to best use and offer the necessary flexibility.

There seem to be so many people stuck in the catch 22 of not being able to access a formal assessment/diagnosis and as such employers seem unable or unwilling to make common sense reasonable adjustments. This is further complicated by our low self esteem and the sense that it is not appropriate for us to receive these and where implemented clumsily can further erode our sense of independence. Furthermore, it can sometimes feel as if some colleagues resent any apparent preferential treatment meant to help us better perform our roles.

I do suspect Neurologist speciality and interest ends with determining you don't have some more serious neurological condition and most of the scant Dyspraxia resource is generally focused towards younger people in f/t education.

Does your trainiing provider/placement host have a tutor or welfare team with whom you can discuss these barriers to your progress and how they might be addressed? Have you mentioned your suspicion you may be to some degre e Dyspraxic?
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Re: Dsypraxic or Hopeless

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I know this post is really old but this describes me to a tee- the only difference is that my handwriting is appalling.
I went to see a neurologist who stated my condition is suggestive of dyspraxia he tried to refer me to neuro-psychiatry clinic for a detail neuro-psychometric assessment unfortunately they said i did not meet their requirement.
i then went unto a PATOSS website and paid for an diagnostic assessment- the assessors are mainly teachers who asses for learning difficulties it was what I could afford as my work refuses to pay for it - the assessment seemed to be more for dyslexia but there were some dyspraxia elements to it - the result was that I had both but majorly dyspraxia. i very much doubt the assessment would be as extensive as the one I would have had if i was accepted and was quite concerned that there was no physical activity involved or assesing of my sensory problems.
I am a lawyer- I used to be court room based but found the situation quite a night mare - I would forget what i was talking about - mix/forget clients names - mix up facts of cases as i was doing between 3 - 40 cases a day depending on the kind of court I was in.
I was heavily dependent on notes which meant i was losing eye contact and when i tried to introduce eye contact I would lose my place in the notes and not have a clue what i was talking about. I am now office based providing legal advice. the problem I have is we are expected to progress a minimum amount of cases a day- usually 6 - unfortunately I am falling very ,very short of this, . I find travelling into work and staying in a open plan office destabilizes my day and then i become even slower I only get 1 case done. The days i work from home I would do 2 and start a 3rd
I have now asked to be for an Occupational health referral to see what work place adjustment I can get- I am hoping i would be able to remember all the issues i have and list them accurately.
The long and short is you may wish to try other means of getting an assessment if you still have not got one yet
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Re: Dsypraxic or Hopeless

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Hi I've only just found this out and wish I'd known about it years ago hold both arm's in front of you then point your fingers up thumbs at right angle up then look back of your hands witch one has an capital L the correct way ? The left one ! so much easy to work out its helped me out since knowing this hope it helps !
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