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So I am 23f, I today failed my driving test and my instructor suggested I look into dyspraxia however there is not a lot of information on this for adults which has brought me here.

Here's what's going on, I have good fine motor skills I can sew and draw fine which does not fit dyspraxia, however, I have always struggled with gross motor skills I get very confused with directions and following left and right (the words don't feel attached to a direction in my brain), I will get lost anywhere, even places I have lived all my life. I am quite a clumsy person and I manage to injure anyone who does sports with me, my mom has been hit with tennis rackets too many times... I was only ever better at solo sports. Things that seem normal to other people confuse me, simple things like which way to turn a key. My room is always messy, not sure if this is a thing but everything around me is chaotic. I forget and lose everything, I have lost my wallet this year twice (both times recovered weeks later in our home) and I forget things like leaving the hob on (whoops) or where I leave my phone all the time.

I don't know if I fit in with dyspraxia but I feel like it could explain the way my brain works. I know these issues are very mild but I don't feel like my brain works normally?
If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it thanks :)
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Re: dyspraxia?

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Hi and welcome

It's a common misconception that you have to tick all the boxes to be confirmed as having dyspraxia. This is NOT so as everyone presents differently and growing up may have developed coping strategies to make up for some of the deficits.

It can regrettably make things like learning to drive more difficult as a lot of coordination is required and getting gears, mirror, signal, manoeuvre are often more difficult. Some people opt to learn in an automatic as this can take some of the pressure off.

When I first learned I was not exactly thrilled and there's a lot I can manage in defiance of what the checklist suggests dyspraxic people so say cannot do and/or will find especially difficult. Getting confirmation as an adult can be a bit of a challenge as most NHS provision is centred around the paediatric sphere, not that is is necessarily easy for parents to get confirmation and support for their school age children! There is also a bit of crossover with ADHD traits though may not meet threshold for ADHD intervention.

Please Do check out the Getting Help and Support Area of the forum for further info.

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