I'm 15, Dyspraxic and can do cycling as a sport!

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I'm 15, Dyspraxic and can do cycling as a sport!

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I'm 15 and as of writing this I am competing in my age bracket for road cycling for my school. Since I was 11 in 2019, I've been practicing to get to my level and believe me when I started competitive riding I was clumsy and falling over all the time due to my dyspraxia. But eventually with enough time & practice I was able to improve to the point where I could race. There are actually a few kids in my cycling group that have similarities and have chosen cycling because their co-ordination is just as bad but have the athletic will power for cycling.

Most of the time I place last but I dont care, I'm more impressed that I am able to even get on the bike.

I'd love to hear any stories similar to mine
That talk about a challenge and overcoming it with

Many thanks, J Hill.
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Re: I'm 15, Dyspraxic and can do cycling as a sport!

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Hi and welcome

Glad to hear you're enjoying cycling in defiance of the too often held notion that people with dyspraxia aren't interested in and will shy away from competition. I've been on some cycling holidays and like to keep fairly active despite my non sportiness.

A lot of the Dyspraxia groups are now on social media now so it can regrettably be quite a slow pace here, not that's necessarily a bad thing.

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