Driving anxiety

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Driving anxiety

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Hey everyone, this is probably somenting a few people bere can relate to.

So I've only passed my driving test recently and before i had a chance to drive properly i was sent abroad with work, and with my job i have to drive old landrovers, a lot, and i have ti reverse park them, thats a law here. You can imagine how difficult it is for someone with dyspraxia driving and reverse parking a normal car well, let alone doing it with a pretty sizeable vehicle with the widest turning circle imaginable. This fear of driving has developed into anxiety now, i go into work petrified of the thought of having to drive around in a landrover and park it, and this fear isnt recognised as anything other than weakness or laziness by everyone at work. I'm used to being able to find a way to train myself and cope with issues from my dyspraxia but theirs no escaping this and no safe way to train either. Idk can anyone relate or offer some advice please?
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Re: Driving anxiety

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Firstly, congratulations on passing your test! It really is a massive achievement for a person with dyspraxia. It took me 5 years of lessons and 3 test attempts to pass.

It’s been 20 years since I passed and the anxiety of driving and parking has only gotten worse over time.

It is a genuine fear so please ignore those unhelpful comments from your work colleagues.

I suggest that you speak to your doctor about your anxiety and ask for some tablets to help with your situation. They may provide you with beta blockers or another helpful medication.

I have only recently started taking these tablets and I wish I knew about them years ago.

You should be very proud of yourself. Please stay positive and have a chat with your GP.
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