Anyone else have problems with cutting their finger nails/toe nails?

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Anyone else have problems with cutting their finger nails/toe nails?

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Hi everyone, obviously through researching Dyspraxia and comparing my own coordination problems I've had a good think about what problems I have. Before having a really good think I didn't consider certain things I have or had as coordination problems. Maybe I just don't grasp the whole coordination problems thing as I just think about the bigger well known things like people catching balls etc. I have never fully looked into my own difficulties. I realise I have more than I have let on throughout my life.

Anyway regarding my title has anyone else had problems with cutting nails? I can cut my right nails with my left hand with no problem on the right amount of pressure to cut. However I rarely cut them in a straight line so I have to keep going over them again and again so they are as straight as can be.

My right hand on the other hand is slower than the left and I cannot control the pressure needed to cut properly. I can get it done at a very slow rate but it makes my arm feel knackered. I know I have the body strength and know what to do but it's as though the hand and fingers are too weak. There doesn't seem to be what I would call a safe dexterity for little tasks such as this in the right hand. This is quite a strainous task for the right hand, it is as though there is a tensing up going on the same time as the stiffness and floppyness. I do get the cutting of the nails done but at a very careful and slow rate and no straightness of the nail cutting. As I've said with the left I have to keep going at it until they are straight enough. Would this be classed in itself as a coordination problem?
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Re: Anyone else have problems with cutting their finger nails/toe nails?

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I can cut my finger nails ok, although doing the fingernails on my left hand is quite a bit more difficult. Doing my toenails is another matter entirely. I really struggle with that. I use nail clippers not scissors.
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Re: Anyone else have problems with cutting their finger nails/toe nails?

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It'sIt's all fun and games until the serious problems reach your nails. I can't cut my nails on my right hand as I'm right-handed. I've tried everything to fix it. I've even bought new scissors and nail files, but it does network. That's life. Btw, that is why I love salons. Once I was lucky to visit the best nail specialist ever. And I was so eager to find out where she did her course. She named, and you know what? This is the school right nearby my house. It was so close to where I live. I actually love salons, because it's so relaxing to attend them. Btw, I have some problems with my hair, and I don't know what to do. It's so dry and brittle. How do you manage this problem? Should I change my shampoo?
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