No friends, lonely

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No friends, lonely

Post by Lostchild »

So I'm 23 with only 3 friends but I always feel like I'm a bother as I only talk to 2 of them a lot, so whenever I have to something to say, they're always on the receiving end. When I talk to them I end up regret talking to them and wish I never had because I feel I talk so much. I don't have a social circle so I always do things alone as when I am around people and I'm alone at home again I beat myself up because I always feel I did something wrong, so I like to avoid it. But I'll be honest I'm tired of having no friends hence this post. Does anyone else feel like this and are there any tips you can give

P.s I only found out I have dyspraxia a couple weeks ago but I always knew something was different about me and now I finally know what

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Re: No friends, lonely

Post by Tom fod »

Hi there and welcome to our community

I've moved this into 'Relationships' as it's more appropriate to this section.

You are really not alone as a great many of us struggle with self esteem and what our rightful place is. All too often we beat ourselves up, often for no good reason.

If I was an Agony woman in the newspaper I'd be saying get into sports/join a club but that is not easy when you feel almost shunned by society/alone even in a room full of people?

I'm conscious I'm now going to trot out with the cliche of our needing to like and be comfortable with ourselves. However it is true. It's also hard to suggest anything as at present we know little about you as you're still finding your feet here and have yet to reveal more about yourself, where you're from, your likes and dislikes etc. etc

Being newly diagnosed I would also guess you're wondering what it all means for you, what if anything to tell people about it, and what their reaction will be? It's all scary and there are plenty of us here in the same leaky boat trying to work out out how paddle the freaking thing and not end up being taken by the sharks/crocodiles!

Please have a good look around the different topic areas and feel free to add your thoughts when and where you feel comfortable. We're a nice bunch and whilst you may not get an immediate reply you won't be shouted down here.

All the best

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Re: No friends, lonely

Post by Nyx »

I truly do understand how you feel and it is hard to go through as I am going through the same situation myself. But don't give up, as Tom said there are clubs and groups you can join to meet people with the same interests as you. You just need to keep putting yourself out there and be open to possibilities.

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Re: No friends, lonely

Post by Dan »

I'm in a very similar position at the moment. I'm often up for a chat if you're interested.

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Re: No friends, lonely

Post by darkneo »

Hi Everyone,

Yes I also understand how you are feeling about this as I am the same... it is hard for me as well as I have no friends to talk to.


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Re: No friends, lonely

Post by lizzie1991 »

darkneo wrote:Hi Everyone,

Yes I also understand how you are feeling about this as I am the same... it is hard for me as well as I have no friends to talk to.

I can absolutely relate to you, I am 26 I have had problems with many people in my life thinking I talked too much, text too much, pester, people have accused me of being an attention seeker on more than one occasion by speaking of any personal problems when really I didn't mean to come across that way and just needed to talk. To be honest I do text a lot etc but sometimes if we are not getting the gratification or simple response we will do, which obviously leads to problems. Personally if it's the other way round and someone is talking, ringing or texting me a lot I really don't mind at all. As long as it's someone I want to talk to. Sometimes I feel lonley also and in some cases you don't always want to discuss things with family members you live with. I'm one of those people who prefers and feels more comfortable in conversations situations around friends. I believe some people prefer friends rather than being a family person so to speak.

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Re: No friends, lonely

Post by robinwalson »

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