Do any other Dyspraxics get mistaken for Gay?

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Re: Do any other Dyspraxics get mistaken for Gay?

Post by Jake468 »

Nyx wrote:
Jake468 wrote:
Nyx wrote:People always think that I am a lesbian.
Other than the short hair / masculine clothing stereotypes I can't really see why people would think that, do you only talk to girls?
I don't fit the butch stereotype. No I talk to both women and men equally, I actually feel more comfortable talking to men than women.
Well in that case I can only speculate that the people who've labelled you as a lesbian aren't the nicest of people...or maybe they are - just a tad ignorant :/

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Re: Do any other Dyspraxics get mistaken for Gay?

Post by pendragon »

I'm a lesbian who only seems to attract guys, despite being butcher than the average girl. It's a funny old world! Perhaps it's because I like things like sci fi and video games, and seem like I'd be fairly low maintenance.

As for the posters being mistaken for gay, it's probably because you don't adhere to narrow blokey stereotypes. "You don't like sport or Top Gear? You must be gay!" Also, since many dyspraxics have difficulty in finding love, single seems to equal "gay" in some people's heads (no, I don't get it either).

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