Hello Everyone!

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Jody Anne
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Hello Everyone!

Post by Jody Anne »

My name is Jody, I'm 19 and from Barrow-in-Furness.
I thought I'd join this forum to find out more about Dyspraxia as I've had one of my Colleagues suggest to me that I may have it.
I'm a Dental Nurse and it was the Dentist (who has Aspergers Syndrome and Autistic and Dyspraxic children) who brought it up as he has noticed my intense clumsyness in the surgery and inability to remember things, disorganisation and take instructions. I thought it was just me being a bit daft as I've always been the same!
So I'm going to mooch about on here and find out more!
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Re: Hello Everyone!

Post by Liz944 »

Hi Jody

Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Hello Everyone!

Post by Daniel »

Hi Jody,

Welcome to the forum. Hopefully we'll be able to help point you in the right directions to get a better understanding of what dyspraxia is. Unfortunately outside of education it can be more difficult to be assessed, so I'd recommend the first step would be to read up about dyspraxia, see the sort of things we're talking about and hopefully you'll be able to see if it looks familiar. Then you can decide whether you might want to take the step to try to be assessed or whether you're just happy 'knowing'.

Do say if you've got any specific questions and we'll see how we can help.

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