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Re: Teaching

Post by mattie »

I will be doing a pgce next year. :) I'm hoping to become a primary school teacher. Ideally, I'd like to teach 7-11 year olds. :D


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Re: Teaching

Post by Lucy_Rush »

i know this is a really old thread, and that i havent been on the forum for ages. but i though i might post an update to my situation now.

i have been doing the pgce this academic year (since sept 08) and theres not long to go now, till 24th june i think it is. so what - 6/7 weeks ish??

i will admit yes i have found the course a struggle, and all along i have never admitted i am dyspraxic to anyone at the uni or at school. i have a learning support plan drawn up and "on the system" at uni, but i have never informed my tutors of its existance, or of the fact i am dyspraxic, and certainly never mentioned anything at school. i also got dianosed with irlen syndrome along the way, and funded for coloured lenses, which i have also not mentioned to any tutors etc on the course. however, i guess for other people doing pgce in the future, i would perhaps advise you to tell uni about it, even if you dont tell school.

organisation has been a huge problem for me, but i have finally managed to vaguely keep my files kind of ordered, and to fool my subject mentor into thinking i am generally an organised person. however lesson planning takes me absolutely forever still. and it is this that takes up most of my time atm. a strong ability to put things off, and an inability to concentrate contributes to this no end though.

handwriting: my first placement i hadnt really got much access to the interactive whiteboards, and combined with a bit of a fear of technology i never used them. and struggled by writing on the whiteboard, constantly getting pulled up on its legibility. in this second placement however i have forced myself to get to grips with the technology, and now love the interactive whiteboard, and use it for every lesson. i could not be doing without it any more. i of course use normal whiteboard as well, but as much as i try to keep it legible for the kids, its not ideal. smartboard is a big tool for me. (just need to learn how to write maths on there!)

at the end of the day however, i have managed to get by without "admitting" my dyspraxia etc, but i am finding the course difficult. then again who isnt. my main problem is classroom management, and prescence in the room. more due to my personalty than dyspraxia i think. there is a chance i will not pass the course because of this, unless i make big improvements in the next couple of weeks. which i am not sure how i will/if i can do that.

but i am so glad i did try this course. i have learnt a huge amount, and have enjoyed it in the main. even if it is hard work and much stress. i am unsure if i will teach in the future. i have decided (to skip plan b) and implement plan c for this coming september. i have an unconditional offer for a place on an MSc Statistics course, and am intending to focus on either pharmaceutical or medical statistics. i hope this will suit me more, and i really look forward to it. (just wish i could get funding for it now). at the same time i hope to go back to my previous part time job as a support worker, in uni with disabled students.since i reqally enjoyed that. i have yet to email the company i used to work for, to see if i can get some work with them in september. but hopefully i should do.

conclusion: i defintiely did the right thing doing the pgce. it might not be for me because of my difficulties in classroom management, but i have gained a lot through doing it. and surprised myself at times too. it doesnt bother me that it might not work out for me in teaching, since i went into it open minded. at the end of the day, i'm coming out the other side still in one piece, still 21, with an alternative plan, and the satisfaction of knowing i gave it a go. (although the course isnt over for a good whilse yet, so theres still time for me to improve yet)

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Re: Teaching

Post by pomo »

Reallly great thread Lucy!

I think your attitude is admirable.

Also, I strongly believe our personalities develop alongside our dyspraxia.

People would say that is so pompom when I would say something or act in a certain way. Then when I discovered I had dyspraxia as an adult the first books I read about children with dyspraxia was like a biography.

However, despite its negative effects on our personalities it has just as mant positive effects such as your determination and ability to face faliure with a positive outlook.

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Re: Teaching

Post by sanabituranima »

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do, Lucy.

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Re: Teaching

Post by Brad »

I started a PGCE in 2000. Secondary ICT. Got my second placement and was asked "Why didn't you tell us your first placement was so bad? We've just got the report." I was given an ultimatum. Bring my completed lesson plans in for the next week or agree to having an appointment booked with the career officer for the following morning. 9 am next day I arrived at the career officers door. Teaching isn't for everyone (school age anyway). I then went into adult education (and then was "let go" as I couldn't drive)

Anyhow, ignore a grumps moaning... good luck! :D

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Re: Teaching

Post by brian »

Teaching is a career I would not like to get involved with because I don't really like the idea of it as my profession

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Re: Teaching

Post by agsiul »

If you're really keen go for it. I'm a teacher and now I really like it. I have to say I hated it at the beginning because I was so stressed but eventually when I realised how good I really was I calmed down. If you need any specific pitfalls to avoid send me a message and I'll send you some tips. I would say do not advertise the fact that you're dyspraxic or dyslexic because you are probably not as bad as you think. It's only because you're selfconcious. there are plenty of people out there who aren't great at other skills but they don't go in to the interview telling the interviewer that. Believe you me i've done plenty of disasterous interviews. I live in Ireland and there is no way you'd have any extra help and it could well work against you if you were in the wrong place.

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