Job in Tesco

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Job in Tesco

Post by jmlc451 »

Anyone ever had a job in Tesco? What was your experience like and how did your Dyspraxia affect your work?

I'm considering applying for a part-time position at Tesco. I start volunteer work in a charity shop soon but I need a job that earns me some money. My disability advisor mentioned that Tesco have policies in place to ensure disabled people aren't heavily discriminated against. I wondered if anyone else has worked there.

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Re: Job in Tesco

Post by Tom fod »

They are meant to be a supportive employer and presumably staff are trained in awareness and being positive.

Worth researching their website or even popping along to local store for an informal chat about openings roles expectations and training etc

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Re: Job in Tesco

Post by Jim »

You could also consider trying Asda.
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Re: Job in Tesco

Post by james92 »

I would say go for it and be honest and open with all employers.

All interviews are great practice even if your not successful, but all employers should be accommodating as much as possible. I would be very surprised if a supermarket wasn’t supportive :)

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Re: Job in Tesco

Post by Andrew_S_Hatton »

Thanks for joining us James92 and for the encouragement.

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