Nursery nurse just diagnosed

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Nursery nurse just diagnosed

Post by Kait2510 »

Hi, I'm a nursery nurse and have just been diagnosed with dyspraxia (I'm 32). The main problems they identified were visual spacial skills, processing speed and constructional ability. I feel like I'm doing the best I can but have been told that I'm slow at doing things and people feel like they have to tell me what to do. I know my routine at work, it's more that I don't have a great concept of time and by the time I realise something needs doing, they have already told me to do it.
My letter says that I would benefit from more time to complete tasks and complete one thing at a time, and would benefit from support for visual spacial tasks. Also have trouble with motor skills and coordination.
Just wondering if anyone has similar struggles and any other strategies that help you through your working day, particularly any other nursery workers or similar role? Thanks! Katie

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Re: Nursery nurse just diagnosed

Post by Dan »

I definitely have similar struggles - in fact, I'd say that basically everything you listed here is, at the very least, endemic and fundamental to the Dyspraxic community and identity. I must admit that I'm not totally sure what you mean about difficulties with visual-spacial reasoning, but my assumption would be that this is where the perceived distance between objects, especially when your depth of field isn't sufficient to easily differentiate components, can exacerbate problems with fixing or setting up mechanical objects?

I apologise, but I honestly don't have too many tips to help apart from that practising really can make a whole lot of difference, even for Dyspraxic people such as ourselves. I know this is more gross motor control than fine motor control like is used for writing, but I learnt really complex piano music over time due to putting in more effort than others. Getting older helped, of course, but it definitely took me longer than most. Still, it established to me that I can do this stuff, even though it is admittedly more disheartening near the beginning.

One example of a difficult, dexterous activity I learnt through repetition was rolling cigarettes. I definitely advise against smoking, but I just mentioned it as it perfectly exemplifies for me that Dyspraxics can be messy, but that most Dyspraxic people, of course with a significant additional level of practice, are able to improve to a level at which the activity is completed rather quickly.

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