Anyone else struggle with job interviews?

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Anyone else struggle with job interviews?

Post by jelly1000 »

Hi all, new here. Just a bit of background info: was diagnosed with dyspraxia aged around 4/5. Always hated the label though.

Anyway to my main point: job interviews. I really struggle with them. It took me 8 to get the job I have now and I've had 2 failed ones since. Thankfully I've done pretty well in the role, my dyspraxia hasn't hampered me but its temporary and is probably coming to an end soon. So I will of course need to go through the interview process again. Problems I have had with past jobs interviews include:

-Not understanding all the questions. Questions I've not understood in the past include 'talk me through your CV' (took it too literally, understand how to answer it now) 'how did you go about writing your dissertation' (in my mind I just did, think I know how to answer that now) and 'what makes good writing' (that one still baffles me). I only understand how to answer 'tell me about yourself' because I went to an employability session at a charity and they explained how to answer it.

-Struggling to remember everything. I lost one role because I just totally forgot an answer I'd spent ages rehearsing. At another organisation it looked like I didn't know enough about what they did simply because I couldn't remember! Another time I got asked details about a report I'd written 2 years prior of course I'd long since forgotten all details about it.

-I also didn't understand for a long time that you had to demonstrate enthuasism for the organisations work at interview, although that is something I am aware of addressing now.

Can anyone else relate to any of these points? Would be nice to know I'm not alone!

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Re: Anyone else struggle with job interviews?

Post by SwervingCentaur »

Yes. I get nervous in interviews and began talking too quickly for them to understand what I'm talking about. Other times, I'm too honest in interviews and it always backfires on me. I hate the idea of selling myself.

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Re: Anyone else struggle with job interviews?

Post by Philip »

Yes I struggle with job interviews in the past have come very closed to getting the job being number 2 or number 3.

I have had interview techniques practices from courses I have been on with providers in the past to help me. some of the tips I have been given good some not so good as I have to removed something from my CV and the course I did I could not explain what I did on it professional.

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Re: Anyone else struggle with job interviews?

Post by Tom fod »

I'm not a fan of interviews and suspect I may have one on the horizon for an internal move/promotion.

Last one was 10 years ago and I shocked them and myself by asking them why I should accept thir post in preference to another I had also applied for. Of course it always easier if you already have a job.

Now a date is a far more terrifying prospect for me!

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