Occupational health or not?

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Occupational health or not?

Post by screengreen »

I have been struggling with exhaustion and fatigue for a while now and have come to the conclusion I am struggling with sensory overload related anxiety and depression, I don't want to go off sick but fear that if I don't take action soon I will be unsafe .... I work for the NHS ...... do you think I it will be helpful to go to occupational health...... or better to go to GP ...... or look for help elsewhere. I have been down the access to work route but not overly helpful! Thoughts and ideas please thank you
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Re: Occupational health or not?

Post by Jim »

Ask for some clinical supervision and express these concerns in confidence with your supervisor, you can discuss the possibility of going to occupational health but with like everything it's potluck in whether you get an assessor who takes you seriously, in my experience they aren't really aware of dyspraxia unless they personally know someone affected (i.e a relative).

I work for the NHS too, and I know all too well how stressful and overwhelming things can get at times.
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