Frustration and the path forward

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Frustration and the path forward

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Hey Guys

First of all I apologise for grammar lol

I have great frustrations with dyspraxia i have spent the past two years going in and out of work when i finally got offered an internship it went horribly wrong i was thrown a mega deadline and was given no time to pick stuff up i mean two weeks is not enough time they terminated my internship.

A week later i got offered a job I warned in the interview I wasn't a fast learner 3 weeks later lost the job for not being a fast learner i hate dealing with people that treat you like your nothing shame I cant fire my manager for not listening.

A month later and here we are today I have lost my confidence and sometimes i feel depressed and dont understand the point anymore.

I wanted to improve my english and do a TEFL course so i can teach abroad i feel i am ideal working with children since adults seem to frustrate the hell out of me.

The irony is I am fairly successful academically it just went to **** after graduated i studied accounting and finance and got a first class degree my degree seems to cause more problems seeing as people see the first class and think i am magically going to understand things my confidence is so shot at the moment and having found out i had arthritis a year ago didn't help I turn 24 this december and I am unsure life is going to gt better because from the position I am at right now I don't seethe point anymore.

Thanks for Reading
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Re: Frustration and the path forward

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Hi there and welcome to the Dyspraxic Adults forums (or fora). I've moved this into Work.

Sorry to hear about your struggles with your employers. Out of interest did you disclose dyspraxia at any point during the respective recruitment processes? (to my mind it's still a minefield and I do wonder if (m)any employers would know how to deal with the disclosure).

Also were you given any constructive feedback as to why in each case they were letting you go. I'm not sure of the rules but suspect that due to the very short tenure in each case there is probably not a lot you can do unless you can prove that you were discriminated against unreasonably.

On the flip side maybe it's better not to be working for those employers presuming they failed to provide you with a clear understanding of what was required of you and that you had asked for guidance and made it known that you might struggle to pick things up as quickly as some.

I know I'd be similarly seething/upset but it really is a case of analysing where you went wrong and what you can do to try and prevent the same thing happening again so that you can move on successfully.

Not sure what your circumstances are currently but I hope you can find help to develop strategies and find a more understanding employer who will value and develop you.

All the best

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Re: Frustration and the path forward

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I'm sorry to read bout your frustrations at work. A few years ago I also was frustrated with the conventional world of work, so I did a TEFL certificate. I am still working in this area to date.

You may know that most TEFL certificate courses are highly stressful intense affairs that pack a lot of material into four weeks. Such courses are highly stressful even for the neurotypical! If you enroll on a TEFL certificate course, there are two books that are very useful to read before you actually attend the course. First of all, Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener gives a very good introduction to teaching TEFL style. Secondly, An A-Z of English Grammar and Usage by Geoffrey Leech gives a good introduction to the grammar points that you need to know. Some people prefer the first edition of this book to the currently published second edition. Fortunately, the first edition is available used on

If you would like any more advice, please let me know.
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Re: Frustration and the path forward

Post by AlleyCat »

Tbh I don't think it would have made much difference if you had specifically disclosed dyspraxia or not, as the employer seems very ignorant. You told your employer that you take longer to learn things and yet he's fired you for exactly that, which must be extremely frustrating! I have disclosed dyspraxia to previous employers, yet still been complained about for doing 'dyspraxic' things such as allegedly speaking to loudly (which is ironic given that I am now on the Work Programme with the incredibly useless A4e, where nearly all the 'advisors' speak far too loudly, even when discussing customers' personal info). I have also experienced employers not understanding how someone can have good academic qualifications yet take longer to do 'simple' tasks. Basically, there is still nowhere near enough awareness of dyspraxia amongst employers.
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Re: Frustration and the path forward

Post by mjh1972 »


it is difficult i know and generally i do not disclose my Dyspraxia at work. I just try and work the best that I can. It is difficult and last time that I told a temporary boss I was told my him that quote " i dont give a s**t" which was interesting to say the least. suffice to say I am now looking at a way out of working for that company so you are not alone.

As you have said generally you need longer than most to adapt to a new companies way of working as I do. Generally I put in as many hours as possible at the beginning (60 hr weeks on average) to ensure I learn as quickly as possible

regards Mike
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Re: Frustration and the path forward

Post by screengreen »

Putting in the hours is good as ling as you don`t tire yourself out too much as you may make silly mistakes like I have done due to working too long. Good luck though
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