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So I start a new role on 2nd August.

Despite my childhood diagnosis, I've never disclosed my Dyspraxia to an employer before.

How have people gone about this?
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Re: Disclosure

Post by Tom fod »

It's a very individual thing. I firmly believe we need to have people know and accept us for who we are not just the label. To be our best selves it's important to have management and colleagues who recognise our contribution and what we can bring with our way of seeing things a bit differently. Of course it's rarely that simple or black and white

Knowing what inclusivity /Neurodiversity policies as employer has. Are managers and colleagues there on board with and motivated and resourced to live these values at work. What is their level of knowledge on /prior experience of working with dyspraxics. We're all unique but some people don\t always get that or worse are lazy and woefully ignorant and uncompromising about difference.

Schemes such as Disability Confident seek to encourage disclosure by offering a guaranteed interview if you disclose and your application conveys that you can meet their minimum requirements for the post.

Another possible benefit to declaring is you could ask for pre-sight of the proposed interview questions as a reasonable adjustment. (I've done that myself). Knowing ourselves and how to convey to managers and colleagues how we work so we can get up to speed on learning and performing the role and How they can recognise and best support us to mitigate/overcome our difficulties.

Hope that gives you some useful food for thought.

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