Anxious at work

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Anxious at work

Post by Chosenwithlove »

I'm hoping someone can help.just lately I've been finding my job very difficult in terms of the fine motor skills such as putting away toys correctly or hanging up bikes in the shed. When this happens I find everyone stares which makes it worse and I become hot , bothered and so anxious which means things I normally can do I suddenly cant and find myself making silly mistakes.

I feel very criticised at work as I feel my boss is exasperated with me and comments have been made behind my back but which I've heard as I am in the room. I feel like I'm so anxious I cant do my job. I have tried to explain and some adaptations have been made however I get the feeling they feel in being lazy when I am generally struggling.
The advice I have been given by family is to talk to them however I feel I have tried. My confidence is so low now I just wouldn't be able to find the words. I'm so anxious I want to quit but cant. Any suggestions how i can curb my anxiety?

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Re: Anxious at work

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Hi there and welcome

Getting flustered when under pressure, very often fuels anxiety and even panic. This is a common theme sadly. Our lack of confidence is so often met with impatience and regrettably some also show intolerance and treat us like idiots which only puts us more on edge and prone to making mistakes, trapping us in a vicious circle.

It can be difficult but we have to do things at our own pace and not be rushed by others. Is there a particular deadline for putting away the play equipment can this be relaxed or the task(s) better split. Rushing or worse being rushed/watched and judged ratchets up the anxiety and only makes for more mistakes so is counter productive.

Try having a look at this link but do come back if you need more advice/support from us here ... dsHyy2cZKj

All the best

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Re: Anxious at work

Post by Wookie998 »

Hey man I totally get what you are feeling, I'm a Barback and my job literally revloves around fine motor skills. I don't know how long you have been working there but it took me months to eventually crack the finer points of the job down. Even with that being said I still break the most glasses of any of the other Barbacks there but I've found the keys are repitition and hard work, I've been there nearly a year and a half and now I supervise the other guys and trust me I'm still anxious about managers and other staffs opinions of my work, but the beat advice i can give is repetition to a task when I started It would take me a minute to flip and stack about 8 classes to carry now after constantly doing it 20 seconds and I can carry double or triple that, sometimes when I'm doing them they slip but honestly it happens to everyone so long as you work hard and tale your time in the early phases it should be alright and eventually if you repeat it enough it will get better and become second nature. Hope my experience helps you buto remember work places are like that everyone bitches behind everyone's back do your best to make friends with other staff members I complain about other staff members and I don't doubt other members complain about me sometimes but if you work hard all it is is just bitchyness everyone gets it at work when they feel someone isn't working as hard or doing as good of a job but the reality is from my own exprince you can complain about 1 aspect of someone's work and they can still be good at something else. Work hard don't worry too much pal.

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