Does anyone here know sign language?

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Does anyone here know sign language?

Post by Teejaye98 »

I've been learning it, but it's sooo complicated. So far I know a few words and sentences, and the alphabet, which means fingerspelling is kinda my thing right now. I absolutely love ASL, it's such a beautiful language. Although dyspraxia makes it hard, I think it's helping with my co-ordination, because when you're signing, you have to learn how to sign fairly quickly, remember words (memory !), and teach your hands how to properly form the words you're trying to sign - otherwise, the deaf person may not understand you. I don't think I'll be an interpreter any time soon, but so far - I ADORE learning this and plan to continue.

The show Switched at Birth has gotten me hooked. Some of the main characters are deaf, as well as there being a deaf school, so there is a lot of signing. I sign the words as they are being signed, or sign whatever has been said back to the television, haha. It's super fun and gives me something to work toward when I get a little bleak.

Anyone else learning or speak sign language?

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Re: Does anyone here know sign language?

Post by ssuma »

I try learning it for a while using an app developed called memrise. It was developed by a team of cognitive scientist in collaboration with UCL to help individuals train their long-term memory. I didn't got very far however until my life got in the way forcing me to make compromises. I learned a few alphabets and the basic gestures, certainly not sentence.

But kudos for you! I wished I was more mature when I was younger and took more time/effort to learn a new language or two.

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Re: Does anyone here know sign language?

Post by Shadwell »

a friend and I learned sign language, well spelling the alphabet while I was in College during 93 - 95, and his ex-wife was teaching me a little bit of sign language as she is Deaf. so Red is like the letter r with your finger rubbed against your cheek.

but haven't done an awful lot with sign language apart from maybe like the first letter for the word I am saying, or maybe spelling out the word if she couldn't understand what I was saying by lip reading. It is kind of really hard especially when you try looking at the person and you haven't got the whole hand-eye co-ordination thing.

so kind of had her lip reading more than anything. but she could see that I was at least trying for her.

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Re: Does anyone here know sign language?

Post by allesandro »

Italian sign language which has some picturesque gestures for various acts of passion

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