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Re: keep a standard 4.5

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Tablets are really useful, I would recommend getting one - why:
- You can do things such as watch movies, TV, take notes etc a lot more easley then you would on your phone as the screen is bigger and much more easier to use it then having to zoom in on the phone and then press the wrong button as its not a big enough screen.
- Its much more portable then a laptop yet you can do most things commonly you would use a computer for
- Its very simmiler to a phone but a lot more easier to do things with then a phone

The thing is that it is not pocket sized so would have to carry it in a bag or just on its own.

Referring to the 7/8 inch tablet I don't think this would be the best choice as its not really big enough to be a decent sized tablet. I would suggest eather getting one with a bigger screen (stylus wont be needed then) or just sticking with your current phone.
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