Bizzare Road Signs

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Bizzare Road Signs

Post by Joe »

Hi everyone,

What's the strangest or most humerous road sign you have ever seen? Here are a couple I've noticed:

Came across it in Mappleton, UK

I was also humoured by "Caution: Heavy Plant Crossing" (what sort of heavy plant, and how does it walk), and "Warning: Suspended Cycle Lane" (sounds dangerous!)

Grimsby Town's football ground has a sign in the car park saying "NO BALL GAMES".
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Re: Bizzare Road Signs

Post by lauraECFan »

sign in sidari corfu that says no parking. not for five seconds not for five minutes NOT AT ALL
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Re: Bizzare Road Signs

Post by Tom fod »

Painted with anti climb paint on a fence I could probably just about step over. Though no doubt I'd have ruined my trousers with the tar like paint if I'd tried!

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Re: Bizzare Road Signs

Post by Square12 »

How exactly is the person in a wheel chair supposed to stand?

There was a building behind it but the photo was taken from an open top bus so the sign wasn't exactly useful!
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