Vacation stories

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Vacation stories

Post by Xenavire »

I'm visiting the UK right now (until Thursday), and I'm taking a breather.

So I thought it might be fun to talk about times we have gone away, shenanigans that might have happened (even if Dyspraxia wasn't the cause), and how we have coped with it all.

For myself, right now - I'm shattered and day one isn't even over. 3.30 am I was up (London time), on the plane a bit before 8, arrived at Gatwick around 9ish. Train to London Bridge, underground to Stratford, took a break in our hotel, then looked around the two nearby malls - it has already been a blast, but it's busy and between being introverted, my sensory overload, and the crazy travel (not to mention roughly 4 hours of sleep), I am truly knackered and looking forward to a good sleep.

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Re: Vacation stories

Post by michael »

All of my vacation stories are dyspraxia related---like finding my away around and getting lost. my last trip to Europe was very anxiety provoking. I kept walking in circles because I was always getting lost

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Re: Vacation stories

Post by Tom fod »

Haven't done a lot of travelling of late, Couple of days in Cardiff (Wales) and a week in Weymouth (south coast of England) this year. Got horribly lost between North and South Terminals at Gatwick about 5 years ago.

Did some small group camping trips with TrekAmerica in US and Canada between 2006 - 2012, been to a reasonable number of places in W Europe and did a month-long trip to New Zealand back in 2001.

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