Development and progression

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Development and progression

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My name is Grace I'm a 25 year old dyspraxia I'm experiencing crippling anxiety and recement at the moment I am very fortunate to have a wonderful friends family and partner. However I feel as much as I have been to move past my feelings I feel like I am becoming incredibly bitter and resentful of those around me. I am just scraping by on my degree as all my assignments get returned to me full of spelling, grammar, and referencing mistakes. I am also struggling to learn the very basic day to day tasks that are expected of people my age such as cooking and cleaning. Additionally I am continuously failing at jobs due to the extent of which my dyspraxia impacts me. My sister and my partner have both have stable jobs and purchased houses recently, I have been attempting to help with house tasks I often get them wrong and is really opened my eyes as to how much more incapable I am then others are and its really have a profound impact on my self esteem.

I feel as though I am chronically underdeveloped in comparison, I attempt to cover it up with humour as I feel it creates a more positive atmosphere but I feel as though it is taking a lot of my emotional energy as I feel extremely guilty for being so envious of others abilities often with them admittedly stating to me that they found things easy. Has anyone else find themselves feeling this way?
Thank you
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Re: Development and progression

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Hi Grace


Is it necessarily fair to compare yourself with your partner and/or sister? Should you feel guilty about what you have limited power to change easily and/or quickly? We all compare ourselves and as they say Comparison is the Thief of Joy. That said, I completely accept that we will naturally compare ourselves and it's very hard not to! Everyone does it!

I've have struggled to like myself and while I'm more confident these days my 20s and 30's were difficult and my dyspraxia does have a habit of eroding/sabotaging my confidence. I have a go at cooking only because I'm too stingy to get takeaways and there's noone else. Coordinating recipes and different elements of a meal is an art. I think my art is untidyness and chaos and while I can be organised I don't always have the energy to expend the effort necessary. Trying to help people on here is a great excuse for me to dodge a bit of household drudgery :evilb: Knowing how and when to ask for help can be tricky as so often we feel we will be dismissed for asking 'stupidly simple question's and we have long memories for times when others have been impatient with us. So often we are our hardest task masters!

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All the best

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