The Future

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The Future

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Hi Everyone,
My name is Grace I'm 25 years old I'm a counselling and psychotherapy student although I am passing my current assignments at the moment, I gravely concerned for my future in regards to achieving my future career as I am getting by at the moment and I am working from home and not yet experienced any other elements of uni life such as socialising, commuting, and professional placement I afraid that the combination of these different factors maybe too overwhelming for me however I'm determined not to allow my anxiety's get the better of me. If anyone has advice I would greatly appreciate.
Thank you very much
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Re: The Future

Post by Katy456 »

Hi lovely, have you tried contacting student services re: dyspraxia. I have full support and I’m diagnosed as having ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Normally you do an evaluation for diagnoses however if you already have one the university should be providing assistance and support. Socialising has never been my great point and uni life for me is very different, but I try and that’s all you can do. Placement will be amazing and you’ll learn new confidence don’t put so much pressure on yourself everyone will know your a student and new to the learning. Be patient and give your self time also contact who you can for support explain your feeling uncomfortable. It’s the reason you wanted it in the first place don’t forget that, I really understand what you mean though. Hope you get it sorted remember not everyone is social, you might find if you reach out to one to two they probably feel the same, covid has changed everyone’s lives xx goodluck honey xx
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