Flare-ups dyspraxia

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Flare-ups dyspraxia

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Does anyone else experience their dyspraxia with flare-ups? I never don't have dyspraxia. But some days I can tell upon waking are clearer and easier than others.
I can tell subjectively something is wrong... Then I'm bumping into and dropping things all day, gapping out and incapable of holding together day plans at all.
Some days I wake up feeling comparatively great. On those days my motor skills are less clumsy, I sometimes even feel nimble, and I feel clear and get work done.
In the past is fool myself into thinking the good days could last forever if I remained positive and I'd bring myself down into the dumps. But now I have come to believe my dyspraxia "flares up" and becomes worse some days.
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Re: Flare-ups dyspraxia

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Hi there and welcome. Glad you've found the Forum and hope it helps.

Some days can definitely be more difficult than others and a bad start can leave us playing catch up to try to somehow rescue the day rather than having to write it off. Stress, frustration, anxiety + dyspraxia make for a very vicious circle and the elements feed off each other to provide chaos

See also my response to Dyspraxia symptoms/panic attacks?

I see it as my Goblin alter ego having somehow gained the upper hand and now running amok. I have to either grin and bear it or somehow coax and cajole or otherwise get the little blighter back under a submission hold so that the fragile/uneasy truce can be re-established!

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