Dyspraxia symptoms/panic attacks?

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Ben A
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Dyspraxia symptoms/panic attacks?

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Hi all,

Just wondered if your dyspraxia gets better or worse in some aspects over time or if it's very constant.

Really struggle from time to time with, what I think are anxiety attacks. So wish that I didn't as they're horrible and always last for days (around a week or more). When I have them, my short term memory (usually outstanding) is shot to pot so much so that I have to set alarms daily to remind myself to do things, I have no real perception of time other than that it's the morning/afternoon/evening whereas normally that's also quite accurate, and I'm also super clumsy during these periods. Vision and hearing are also a bit affected with them too, and I just have zero motivation during them and usually pretty tired in those times too. I'm aware most of these things could be classed as symptoms of Dyspraxia itself though, so trying to work out if they're actual anxiety attacks or just spells where the Dyspraxia is worse than normal. Just wondered if other folk have this too. Do you take medication for the anxiety attacks if it is those and does it work?

I think they probably are anxiety attacks as I can tie them down to when it's been a stressful few weeks. Usually I just completely withdraw during these times as don't want to speak to anyone, but don't mind posting here as hopefully others can undestand.

Great site though - I probably don't post as much as I should!
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Re: Dyspraxia symptoms/panic attacks?

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My feeling and experience is that effect/severity comes and goes in proportion to the various trials and tribulations we encounter in our lives. When we're having a less stressful time we're probably better able to laugh at our clumsy efforts and find a better way for ourselves to get what we need done. For many, anxiety seems to go hand in hand with Dyspraxia and can be a response/reaction to Oh crap why am I so useless when we beat ourselves up and recall all the unhelpful things said to us (including by our inner voice).

We're on edge so we may be rushing and we make errors and these exacerbate our anxiety and we find ourselves trapped in a vicious circle that can feel impossible to break free of. Some people naturally choose/want to withdraw though reaching out to the right people at the right time and in the right way (as if!) might sometimes yield a more encouraging response than we might be expecting. Sometimes the challenge is expressing our feelings in a way that won't be dismissed/invalidated by the person(s) we seek solace from.

There are websites that may be of assistance including Anxiety UK so you don't necessarily need to, nor are you obliged to see your GP, if you don't feel that's appropriate for you. Strategies like going for a walk or reading or watching something funny might help lift you.

Note to myself: Drinking 12 pints of Stella probably will not (meh! :evilb: )

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