Co-exising conditions i.e crohns etc.

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Co-exising conditions i.e crohns etc.

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Does anybody have any co-existing auto-immune conditions? I understand there's a link between them and neuro diversity. I have had really bad endometriosis and adenomyosis since I hit puberty and the physical effects are really debilitating and painful and really worsen my ability to take care of myself.
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Re: Co-exising conditions i.e crohns etc.

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Hi and welcome

A lot of folk with Dyspraxia do often seem to have additional co-occurring conditions but there isn't a great deal of research as to whether they are directly or indirectly linked.

It can be a bit of a polarising and hotly debated topic on Dyspraxia Forums on Social Media. There's a guy named Jake who has a Writing Blog covering Crohns and Dyspraxia.

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