processing speed out if sync with a high IQ

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processing speed out if sync with a high IQ

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I have heard that the brain , works faster than the body for dyspraxics, as a result people may act impulsively .

Is the cause having processing speed out of sync with a high IQ ?
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Re: processing speed out if sync with a high IQ

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There seems to be a myriad amount of variance and myriad other factors at play with dyspraxic / neurodiverse (or divergent) individuals.

ADHD for example, might could mean you're more impulsive (or perceived that way). It probably has just as much to do with nurture as it does nature and I know plenty of people with dyspraxia who I would not be inclined to describe as impulsive.

I think we can/do have a tendency to be quite reactive, but then we often have a tendency to/lower threshold for information overload and this can really heighten anxiety and fight or flight hormones. Making sense of the world and other peoples (to us perhaps illogical) actions and reactions can be hard work.

That's my 2Ps worth the top of my head. It's a complicated subject due to our infinite variation.

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