communication on zoom

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communication on zoom

Post by ALADDIN »

I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits.

I find it zoom hard to use.

I struggle with processing speed.

My perceptual organisation is below average.

Does anyone else find communication on zoom at times difficult ?
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Re: communication on zoom

Post by Tom fod »

It's not the easiest in terms of it's buttonology and degree of intuitiveness. can't say I'm that much a fan of it's competitors.

Equally if you already have difficulties communicating with others, doing it over video chat adds another level of complexity especially the more people there are and if your communication style differs significantly from theirs'.

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Re: communication on zoom

Post by ronanoshea »

I have to use Zoom a lot in my work in a care home, for staff training and team meetings. I also use Zoom for a course I am doing in psychology. I find it okay during the course because usually one person is speaking at a time but in team meetings and trainings people often speak over each other. I also find that some people aren't too familiar with Zoom so they don't know how to mute themselves when not talking, which means there are a lot of loud noises that I find uncomfortable.
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