Dyspraxics are creative people

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Dyspraxics are creative people

Post by ALADDIN »

Dyspraxic like other neurodiverse people are creative . This should be highlighted. I only learned this feature, once I had received a diagnosis of ADHD !
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Re: Dyspraxics are creative people

Post by Tom fod »

I think creativity often comes because we so often need to be creative to get by and we often see things differently from a different perspective.

People sometimes confuse creativity with having artistic talent but creativity extends more widely.

People living with ADHD are often positively fizzing with ideas and jumping from one to the next. Being Dyspraxic or having traits often effects executive function and planning needed to carry ideas through to fruition.

Anxiety and/or uncertainty and indecisiveness can often due to previous adverse experiences and reaction from others.

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Re: Dyspraxics are creative people

Post by Xenavire »

I'm in total agreement, Tom - our creativity is hard to come by naturally. To use an example, today at work I broke a program (on the user end, so no messing with code) by using the word Hamster. Sure, it's how I used it that mattered (mass copy paste, so any word would have worked), but I was having fun while stressing a program well beyond its expected limits. And, as I expected, the program broke, rather spectacularly.

What I thought was a totally natural thing to try, however, wouldn't occur to the average person. So Dyspraxia makes me uniquely qualified as a QA tester - I just naturally enjoy trying unusual things and watching programs just fall to pieces.

All of us have that talent to see things differently. Sometimes it hinders us, sure. But a lot of the time it can be a huge help. It's just a matter of tapping into our special brand of different to do so.
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