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Scientific Research and resources

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This is my first post - I am not entirely sure which category it should fall under (ironic considering the forum's subject matter...)

Dyspraxia seems to be both diagnosed and defined exclusively by its symptoms. (I am not familiar with medical research so don't know how common this is.) It strikes me as a little odd and confusing - eg. one wouldn't define tonsillitis only by mentioning a sore throat as the symptom and then concluding that it's a sore throat. Rather, the infection process etc. is being described, also to exclude other causes of symptoms.
Question: is there any research on a more fundamental level? I could not find anything beyond the "how dyspraxia impacts on daily life" and children.

My concern is that since all the symptoms of dyspraxia are bound up with "avarage" life and mostly school it is hard to understand its impact beyond the basics. I am particularly curious about dyspraxia in musicians.
Generally, I also crave a deeper understanding of the condition but cannot find anything more detailed.

Would be very grateful for any info!
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