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Good evening all

You may previously have read ... f=4&t=7191

Due to the closure of parliament to allow campaigning for the forthcoming General Election, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dyspraxia has been suspended and its' future is a little uncertain. The Dyspraxia Foundation have committed to lobbying the next Government to reconstitute it but I still think it is something you might want to be aware of and sign*. ... asic_share

Please don't feel obliged to donate or chip in to's campaign (if you are unable to afford to) or feel pressured into sharing on Social Media if you're not on or able or willing to publicly avow your dyspraxia.

*I'm not certain mandates that individuals are based in Great Britain or Northern Ireland so if you live further afield in Europe or elsewhere, you might still be able to sign if you wish to.

Thank you

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