Being more of a community

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Being more of a community

Post by allesandro »

I was just wondering how we might be more of a community and of greater support to each other. I've never been good at mobilizing or organizing. I don't know if that;s a dyspraxia thing or not.

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Re: Being more of a community

Post by Tom fod »

I think many of us can be overly reticent and I haven’t been to any Dyspraxia Foundation events such as their AGM due to costs of travel staying overnight to attend such events

This morning I took part in a group online video chat with some other Dyspraxics I’ve met via Facebook-based Dyspraxia Community Groups I’m engaged in.

I rather defy some of the stereotypical cannot plan and organise such things but have to balance with getting time off work booking train/hotel and finding venue etc. It is within my capabilities but motivation not always there to follow up and make it happen.

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