Having confidence to dance

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Having confidence to dance

Post by teena »

Hi all, I have real issues with dancing and will make excuses not to go out with friends, attend birthday parties and basically any social gathering where music is involved. I love music and dancing at home while cleaning lol but socially I think I look wooden. Apparently dyspraxics can suffer with a lack of rhythm. I really want to learn basic dance moves but can not find any where locally in Birmingham where I would feel comfortable. I have missed out on so much and just need a little help. I am very shy and introvert although hide this quite well most of the time.

Also love swimming but just can not get the technique right for breast stroke. My arms and legs do not look like other swimmers lol.

Late diagnosis of dyspraxia at 48 and things making sense now.

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Re: Having confidence to dance

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Hi Teena and welcome

I'm rubbish at dancing too and not a great fan. I did get tricked/convinced into going to Jive lessons about 8 or 9 Years ago. As long as you don't take yourself too seriously and can enjoy it and practice frequently, it isn't bad exercise and you get to meet new people. I did keep it up for a while though most of the people were 10-20 years older than I.

My breast stroke is hardly text book and I doubt my legs and arms are anywhere near properly synchronised

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