Dyspraxia or Ataxia

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Dyspraxia or Ataxia

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I am wondering if I can ask a question as I've only just read about Dyspraxia and particuarly the link to Autism and believe I was misdiagnosed many years ago.

I was born 50 yrs ago with my thyroid not working and it wasn't found until I was nearly 2. By which time I couldn't even sit up unsupported let alone crawl, walk or speak. They found it and started treating it and I was behind developmentally for years. I struggled to get words out even though I knew exactly what I wanted to say and was an excellent reader even as a child and could read several years above my chronological age. I really struggled socially and was eventually diagnosed with Autism.

I never mastered being able to co-ordinate my arms and legs together to learn to swim and dancing was always a challenge. I eventually learnt to ride a two wheeler as a child but am no longer able to.

My question specifically is in my 30's I had multiple health problems due to my thyroid going wrong again..my balance and co-ordination problems became severe but as I'd never been diagnosed with Dyspraxia they diagnosed me with Ataxia. Once my thyroid has recovered and on the correct medication my mobility has recovered to its previous level, still a bit clumsy but able to walk. I can't balance on a bike (even tried an upright style trike and struggled on that too) but can manage gentle bouncing on a rebounder (trying to improve my circulation) For anything more physical than a very gentle bounce I need a stability bar to hold onto.

Ataxia usually presents with a tremor which I've never developed and several other medical professions have commented on this when meeting me and noting my diagnosis. I'm wondering if Dyspraxia typically presents with either a constant tremor or an 'intention tremor'? or whether the person would just be a bit more uncordinated when trying to write (ie going off lined paper or struggling to colour within lines/occasionally going over them but still able to do it).

I've noted Dyspraxia commonly co-exists with Autism and with me already having had an Autism diagnosis I was just wondering as it seems to better explain my difficulties only been severe when my thyroid levels were severely out (in childhood and in my 30's) and recovering to a milder level after thyroid levels were restored (and after intense physio both times). As according to my Ataxia diagnosis I was originally diagnosed with I should be basically quadriplegic by now and be functionally unable to use my arms or legs in any intentional co-ordinated way but obviously this is not the case!

I wondered if anyone knew of any places/Doctors who specialised in Dyspraxia who I could ask for a referral to, to see what they thought?

Thankyou for reading

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Re: Dyspraxia or Ataxia

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Sarah are you uk?

https://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/dyslexia ... /dyspraxia



I was diagnosed through university it was easy and costly at the time £950 but go most back bar £50 after the diagnoses. GP best bet and call some of those links I sent xx
Lots of screen shots fOr you can't send on here x
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