Is Anyone Sensitive To Noise or Odors?

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Re: Is Anyone Sensitive To Noise or Odors?

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Jim wrote:
Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:00 am

How on earth I’ve ended up working in a busy office environment on the phones.. ? It’s almost beyond me 🤣

So relateable! I worked in call centres for years and certain pitched voices or sounds on the phone just set my teeth on edge...especially if people are breathing too deeply or rustling paper.

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Re: Is Anyone Sensitive To Noise or Odors?

Post by Dadam »

I've always been extremely sensitive to sudden loud noises, especially high pitched or clicking/ticking sounds. I experience misophonia too where I can't stand the sound of certain people's voices, it's with NO ill-intention towards those people just the sounds they make!

I'm a musician so I think this works both ways, I react in strong negative ways to certain sounds and really resonate in a positive way with others which I'm drawn to so I think this plays a big part in my creative side.

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