Chris Packhan docunentary Aspergers and me

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Tom fod
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Chris Packhan docunentary Aspergers and me

Post by Tom fod »

Has anyone seen this? Thought it was excellent and v interesting. Tbh I cried at points. Too empathetic but I refuse to apologise for that 8-)

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Re: Chris Packhan docunentary Aspergers and me

Post by nickye »

Hi Tom

What a wonderful programme that was! I too cried in places. It really moved me, and I think it was very brave of Chris to do this programme. I have also read his excellent book 'Fingers in the Sparkle Jar'. It reminded me of how I used to see the world when I was a child, very vivid and intense, I still do see it like this at times.

I do think a lot of Asperger's and dyspraxic traits overlap. I don't so much relate to the social difficulties, although I used to be very anxious going into a room of people, but I did relate to how his mind works making connections, remembering dates, like he described at the beginning.

The thing I loved about this and the book is that he also talked about the positive aspects - having a good memory and a vivid experience of nature.

I'm sure it will help a lot of people and I think it's one of the best things I've seen on TV.

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Re: Chris Packhan docunentary Aspergers and me

Post by otis_b_flywheel »

Thank you so much Tom for flagging this up - I've just watched it on iPlayer. I actually see very little TV and knew vaguely who Chris Packham is and that he's a wildlife enthusiast, but nothing about his autism, and this was for me a fascinating and touching film. As a self-diagnosed borderline aspie myself, his experiences with weird, distant one-to-one relationships and social phobias are a bit too close to home. But as has been said, some of that overlaps with dyspraxia. A great piece of honest and thoughtful broadcasting.

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Re: Chris Packhan docunentary Aspergers and me

Post by Mona79 »

I watched it with my nine year old son who has ASD and my seven year old. They loved it. They have grown up quickly in some respects so they followed it and my son understood his attachment to the kestrel totally and really liked hearing about t he USA treatments. He asked me if I could would I cure him and I told him the truth, no way!
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