Disturbing and/or plain wrong?

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Tom fod
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Disturbing and/or plain wrong?

Post by Tom fod »

Was looking at Dyspraxia Foundation website and read their response to the following news story
https://www.theguardian.com/society/201 ... xic-donors

Trying to resist temptation to make light of it with some very risqué jokes, Also brings to mind the scene in Ted 2 where they wreak havoc!

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Re: Disturbing and/or plain wrong?

Post by Ditsy »

i found this very sad and disturbing :(
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Re: Disturbing and/or plain wrong?

Post by Captain_Ludd »

Yeah this is very worrying, what they are effectively saying is "Your not our kind of normal".
Who gets to decide what is normal? Where does this line of thinking stop? You've got a bent nose or your eyes aren't the right shape, eventually you could end up with you must be tall white with blond hair and blue eyes and we all know where that thinking got us.
Just because they help people have children doesn't mean they have the right to try and play god.
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Re: Disturbing and/or plain wrong?

Post by RGabb »

Its discrimination against people like us, as they feel that we are not good enough to be able to give the gift of of life well and have the child as "normal" whatever that means. I totally disagree with it, and feel that we as a society we need to sort equality issues out just cause they are Dyslexic or Dyspraxic doesn't mean we cant have children or do anything anyone else can do it just takes us bit longer. If I went to be a donor I would refuse to let them say no and argue my point I am human just like them I can do the same as anyone else. I wish the world would listen that's what really annoys me about this world not just people like us, but other things too like equality for women and black people lives and the fact that innocent people are been killed around world for no reason.

sorry for the rant
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Re: Disturbing and/or plain wrong?

Post by OneClumsyDragon »

Yeah that's pretty dodgy
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