Not very dyspraxic talents

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Re: Not very dyspraxic talents

Post by Tom »

I think one thing is certain with dyspraxia, we're a stubborn and tenacious lot. If someone tells me I can't do something, it makes me all the more determined to do it!

When I started out as a self-employed gardener I could only climb to the second step of a step ladder before feeling unsafe. Now, ten years later, I can balance on the top step whilst using a hedge cutter. I actually climbed to the top of a fairly big tree just before xmas. This was something I couldn't even do as a child. It was exhilarating and I was so proud of myself.

It might take us considerably longer than most to learn something but we will get there eventually!
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Re: Not very dyspraxic talents

Post by HoidWasHere »

first of all, all of you who said crochet are giving me hope that no all is lost for me, besides past struggles!
I taught myself to hand-sew over the pandemic. At first i was really worried I won't be able to because of the dyspraxia, but I persisted and found it actually is very fun for me and calms me down, even if it's a little messy. it gives me something to do with my hands so that my brain can be free to focus on podcasts! threading the needle is hell and i don't know how people do that, but I got a great threading eyelet and now i'm unstoppable.

besides sewing i draw too! I found out drawing digitally with my laptop keypad is much easier for me than traditionally- I used to ruin papers all the time because of pressing too hard with the pencil, I really can't control pressure that well.

Juggling with dyspraxia... now that would really be amazing. hat off.
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Re: Not very dyspraxic talents

Post by AndreaAbraham »

Hi, a lot of people think it's impossible to live with dyspraxia, my uncle has been an artist for 15 years, he is incredibly diligent and very attentive to different little things, I am so proud of him and you guys, you are great and I wish a lot of health!!! :!:
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Re: Not very dyspraxic talents


I've been touch typing at speed since I was 9 years old, I've been drawing since my early teens, people often did not believe I could draw so well as my handwriting was infant like. I was told I would never ride a bike. I learnt to ride a bike at the age of 12 on a old Triang without help and had instant balance (I do struggle to ride up hills though)

I'm apparently good at photography and have work published by Getty. I've built my own computers for years (It's painful on my hands and tiring but I just got on with it)
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