Perfectionism ..article

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Perfectionism ..article

Post by screengreen »

Hi I SM sharing an article on perfectionism as I have noticed we seem to be perfectionits and thought it may be interesting.. ... 105248.htm
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Re: Perfectionism ..article

Post by Tom fod »

Hi Screen
Thank you for posting, I definitely find that I experience/am afflicted by perfectionism concerns. Food for thought.

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Re: Perfectionism ..article

Post by Simon »

I'm also an perfectionist and in some jobs that was wearing me down and making me slow.

At my current place employment I got the job of testing and quality control and I think this is a good job for me because I can put the perfectionism to good use.
Don't have todo complicated manual labor and don't have to be busy with same devices for too long, so not boring.
I'm the first one whitin the company who has this kind of job so they don't notice I'm slow but do notice that the quality has gone up since I'm on the job.
I keep reminding them that the time I spend testing at company HQ is time saved in the field.
My company ships/installs worldwide and because of this the time spent in the field to install and commisioning is a lot more expensive to the company then my time spent at HQ.

So my tip is try to put the perfectionism to good use and try to not care too much from time to time because otherwise it will make you depressed.
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