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Re: Obsessions

Post by ichiban-no-hime »

I've been obsessed with a ridiculous amount of things- pokemon, anime, jurrassic world, parks and rec, and star wars for example. I never know when to stop talking about any of it :lol:

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Re: Obsessions

Post by OneClumsyDragon »

Yeah, seems like I can never ~causally like~ anything
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Re: Obsessions

Post by Millymollymandy »

I'm obsessed with people, the way they behave around each other, the non verbal cues, what they say and what they are trying to not disclose.
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Re: Obsessions

Post by Ynahdc »

Yes. Obsessive compulsive googling lol.
I google away for hours. Any questions I have I will set aside time to google and when I don't have any questions I will go back to my favourite subjects such as psychology or rather randomly North Korea. I don't know why I keep looking up North Korea. I have absolutely no connection to the place whatsoever. I guess it's kind of this place that is experiencing extremely sinister things going on behind closed doors and in blatant view, as far as creepy dictators go, that I simply must find out about.
I had to unpick one obsession though. I lost a friend to suicide and my mind simply refused to move forward. I spend nights and night awake looking for an answer and re reading facebook messages and old videos for clues as to why.
Even though I did already know why! I just didn't want to accept it.
With grief you have to accept you may never fully know. It's hard. You have to let your feeling flow and leave not cling onto it. And you have to deal with your compulsions very carefully.

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Re: Obsessions

Post by Geeky_Vegan »

Oh yes. I've been obsessed with Doctor Who for some years now, and the last few months I've become obsessed with writing recipes, etc.
I tend to hit one thing at a time and hit it hard. :lol:
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Re: Obsessions

Post by andrew_b »

Ynahdc wrote:. Any questions I have I will set aside time to google and when I don't have any questions I will go back to my favourite subjects such as psychology or rather randomly North Korea. I don't know why I keep looking up North Korea. I have absolutely no connection to the place whatsoever. I guess it's kind of this place that is experiencing extremely sinister things going on behind closed doors and in blatant view, as far as creepy dictators go, that I simply must find out about.
Wow that got me thinking! I also have a North Korea obsession. I think its something to do with seeing North Koreans on the TV documentaries and they all seem so genuine and decent people trying to do their best and be normal inside such a dysfunctional and weird situation. I feel so much for them and feel like I desperately want to help them. I sometimes think about signing up to volunteer over there or something but like many of my grand plans I never seem to have the time or energy. I just feel like I really relate to these people. Could be our dyspraxic tendency to want to help or maybe I just feel a connection with them. I've definitely got an obsessive personality, always have had, and I'm sure it's a dyspraxic thing. It could be due to our tendency to love detail or that we're capable of child like delight over things, something which I see as a definite benefit of having dyspraxia.

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Re: Obsessions

Post by Animal lover »

YES. My whole life I've had obsessions...and I feel like they've become worse since I've got older! When I was 16 I was absolutely obsessed with the band Paramore and I would have to listen to their music every single day, I had to dress like the lead singer, I used to print pictures of them for my walls, I got a tattoo of their album cover and even now I feel most comfortable listening to their music. At the minute I've got a bit of an obsession with Michelle Keegan after watching 'our girl'. In fact I get obsessed with TV series and when I finish a watching a season of something I feel really empty and depressed for ages because watching it is no longer part of my routine. It's so strange. I'm also obsessed with the Tom Hardy movie 'Legend' and I watch it whenever possible! It makes me happy! I also get obsessions with food. If I find a food I really like I have to eat it for weeks. And I keep going back to a certain restaurant just for a dish they do. I also have an obsession with China cause I lived there for a while. Although trying to learn Chinese is so hard cause of my blummin memory. It's always in phases though which is annoying. Like next month I might not even like the same things. I'm a really impulsive shopper too, like I'll become obsessed with something so I'll buy loads of stuff related to it and then get bored!
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Re: Obsessions

Post by lauraECFan »

yes currently obsessed with the mass effect game series
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Re: Obsessions

Post by BenjiBard87 »

The obsessive part of Dyspraxia is a double edged sword for me.

When I love something, I love it deeply. I feel so much passion rushing through me in these times, and for creative work it can be a real help! It helps to get the job done! :)

The issue is when negative obsessions flow in, and it can be really difficult to shake it. It's why I do my best to simply relish in positive obsessions to filter it all out.

I'm making a horror game for Halloween that's my current obsession! I think it's the kind of project that only a Dyspraxic person could create! I'm on here writing just because I need to stop working on it, or I'll burn out. :-s
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Re: Obsessions

Post by NotTheWipple »

Am I the only one obsessed with Donald Trump at the moment?


And yes, I have the thing for North Korea too. I even went on a tour there a few years back!!

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Re: Obsessions

Post by morgank82 »

So for short i think obsession can turn into harmful obsession very quickly and it's hard to nip it in the butt afterwards if u don't some what control it or try to minimise it. Even with the small obsession can grow into a mess of Un healthy disaster. Specially if one is under mind disorder thats paranoid
Or having trouble with hatered or socialpath personality. Or even harming themselves in the world that they made of being to focused to a point where u get obsessed.

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Re: Obsessions

Post by DanAu96 »

I Have had obsessions my entire life some of these were trains, planes, electronics, fireworks, building, skyscrapers, cleaning (when i was very young), history of my local area. and chemistry. although chemistry is my life now and i am doing a degree in it and intend to spend my career in this field. electronics is my current hobby. Obsessions have made me the person i am now, i just love learning, I cannot do nothing i have to spend my time learning something. I think this is one of the positive things of Dyspraxia. :) :)

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Re: Obsessions

Post by HelenJ »

Finally, there seems to be a reason why I have always been obsessive. I'm not officially diagnosed as dyspraxic but it's something I've been wondering abour recently.

When I was 12 I really first noticed my 'obsessive' personality. I was obsessed with Boy George so much that me and my mum almost fell out over it. I couldn't stop thinking or talking about him. All my school books and things were covered in his name where I'd written all over them. My bedroom was covered in posters of him & Culture Club and I had scrapbooks and boxes of magazine cuttings everywhere. My whole life was consumed by this mad obsession. I must have been so boring if that's all I had to talk about!

My little obsessive world came crashing down in 1986 when it was revealed he had a heroin habit. I was devastated and mum didn't understand. I couldn't explain it either which made it worse. We didn't have a good relationship for a while after that as I was struggling with leaving school, starting college and work, etc. It was all too much at once.

I think I had other little things I was obsessive about though, for example I'd get the washing up bowl and fill it with water & pour the water from one cup into another and back again for AGES. It was a simple thing, but I found it really relaxing.

I remember other things I've been obsessed with are: certain letters of the alphabet (mainly D and R but don't ask me why - I have absolutely no idea), certain numbers (19 mainly and again, no actual reason why), signs of the zodiac, planets, calligraphy, my own eyelashes....then it got a bit weirder and I had an obsession with prison. That one crops up again every so often.

Other people I know have never been obsessed with things - it's just me. Nobody I knew at school was like it, and my family definitely weren't like it, which is why it's always made me wonder if it was some kind of mental health condition.

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