very stressed.

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very stressed.

Post by red »

So I have had the day from hell. Poeple just seem out to make feel stuipd. I vae messed up agian at work. I feel so tierd all time my brian just seem to shut down. I just go in to ligthts r on but noone home mode. I cant concetrate on anythnig at all. I just fed up monmoet. I under a lot of pressure at monment out side of work to. My dyspraxia and dyslexia r even worse. Sometimes not able to put sentacnes together.

sorry just feeling sorry for my self
I am not stupid. I am dyslexic and Dsypraixc. Nothing is impossible!

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Re: very stressed.

Post by Tom fod »

Hi Red

My Thursday felt a bit like that too. I felt like I was crawling at a snail's pace and achieved very little compared to what I feel I should have, given the volume of stuff there and that I would have liked to have got through.

It's that feeling of barely being in control, if at all, and the fear that others will view you in a disparaging way. Try to concentrate on what is most important and don't be afraid to ask for help.

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Re: very stressed.

Post by djgard27 »

Hi Red

I know exactly what you mean Tom the feeling of not being in control is horrible as you say as you say try and stay calm Red and think of what is most important and dont be afraid to ask for help to try and ease some of the stress your feeling.

I had a bit of a funny day yesterday stressed but feel better when i have some time relaxing trying to do as little as possible not looking forward to going back to work though.

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Re: very stressed.

Post by lukasmit »

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